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The Tesseract, also known as a hypercube, is a multidimensional object that transcends the 3rd dimension into the 4th dimension, time. I plan on building the Tesseract using copper pipes for the main shape. Wood will be used for the sloping sides to enclose the structure and for support. An Ormus/Orgone mix will be used for the sides of the inner cube to help attract and transmute energy.

This will be a powerful device used for meditation, transmutation of elements, water and much more. By sitting in the middle cube of the Tesseract one will be able to enter a dream like state where time doesn’t exist and you can talk with hyper dimensional beings like angels and much much more.

This device is a lot like the device in the movie Contact. John Dee was given the information in 1582 on Good Friday by hyper dimensional beings and it has taken us this long to figure it all out.

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  This is a picture of the first of two Ormus/Orgone Cloudbusters I made

Here’s a great site where you can learn information about Orgone CloudBusters and the basics of making CBs:

or here’s a video if you prefer:

Part 1
Part 2

The following supplies are what I added to my resin matrix:

24,000 copper coated steel BBs
Gallon bucket of steel nails and steel shavings
.999 Silver shot
Colloidal silver
Colloidal copper
White powered gold
Wet monatomic gold
M11 Ormus
Quartz powder
Local quartz pieces
Quartz pieces from China
Fine Magnetite sand

And of course 1 gallon of Fiberglass resin

I then put 6 1 inch double terminated Rose quartz crystals in the copper tubing and capped them off with the copper ends. I specifically chose rose quartz because of its affinity to the heart and its known ability to have a vibration of love and inner peace.

And this is the rest of the supplies I used to make my first CB:

6 1 ft copper pipes 1in diameter
6 3 ft copper pipes 1in diameter
6 1inch copper ends
6 1in copper couplers
Wooden jigs with 6 1 in holes in the ‘Star of David’ pattern
5 gal Bucket

While the resin hardened I had it sitting on top of a large Purple Tesla Plate. You can find more information about what they do here:

Like I said, this is just 1 of 2 Cloudbusters I’m making. I started off with the smaller one. I used 1 ft copper pipes with couplers on the ends so that I could change the length of the connecting pipes as I see fit. Right now they have 3 ft extensions making the unit about 5ft in total height. It’s in position now to get the atmosphere in my surrounding area used to this new positive aetheric energy. I will post more information about the 2nd larger CB when it is completed soon.

Ormus Powered HHO

I'm currently working on freeing my car from gas, and my home from any external power. I've been experimenting with my car and
HHO gas (also know as Brown's gas and Hydroxy) for a few years now. My most substantial increase of MPGs was upon return from a trip from Enota, GA I double my MPGs from 16 to 32 on the highway.

Free Unlimited Radiant Energy from the Ether

I'm also working on cosmic panels that Telsa referred to as Radiant energy antenna's to power my home much like one would with solar power only these are way more efficient.

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