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Hindi: one

eka is defined as "the totality of all awareness," "the audible life stream," "the essence of the Divine", otherwise known simply as your spirit.

German: Corner. A corner is typically a 90 degree angle, also known as a right angle. Dimensions are created at right angles. The Freemason’s use a steel square(right angle) as one of their main symbols with a compass. If one wants to decipher if a structure is manmade or naturally occuring, a tell-tale sign is seeing a right angle.  Scalar waves are also created at 90 degree angles, which Tesla and many other inventors since the early 1900s have been utilizing for amazing devices like healing and free energy.

And when I think of Eck, my family name, I think of hardworking, good-natured lovers of the land like my father and grandfather. provides information and products that entangle all these definitions of Eck. Ormus trace minerals are known to increase physical, mental and especially your spiritual body. Scalar waves are known to do amazing things like to heal people through certain frequencies (Check out 528 hz for instance on my Sound Tech page). I’m also making a tesseract, and 4 sided pyramids which have right angles at their base which is a cornerstone of sacred geometry.

This information and these products will help prepare us for all the exciting changes that are taking place as science is now venturing into the non-physical

"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence" ~ Nikola Tesla

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